Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education (SDG 4)


  • NUST’s policy is well-known in the community because it promotes gender equality and a balanced approach to achieving one’s goals in a way that is consistent with the law, science, and academia and helps everyone succeed.‎
  • NUST is a community center for the arts that welcomes all individuals. Numerous open-to-the-public workshops and seminars are regularly hosted by the institution.
  • NUST’s electronic library, which includes millions of volumes, dissertations, and faculty research published in international databases, is accessible to everybody via the university’s unified electronic system. It’s a digital platform that allows people from all walks of life access to lectures given by organizations at universities across the board and in every scientific discipline.
  • NUST offers a wide variety of courses designed to improve the scientific literacy of the general public and non-university workers so that they may further their professional and humanitarian careers.
  • NUST actively promotes society, freedom of expression, and social justice through its participation in and support of numerous demonstrations both on and off campus. The institution has shown great interest in hosting a series of lectures to raise awareness on this topic.
TitleYearScopus Source title
A Multi-level Fusion System for Intelligent Capture and Assessment of Student Activity in Physical Training based on Machine Learning2023Journal of Intelligent Systems and Internet of Things
Intelligent Multilevel Fusion System for Wireless Sensor Network Virtualization Using Deep Reinforcement Learning in Education2023Fusion: Practice and Applications
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